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Meet the Designer: Jeanetta Gonzales

Who is the amazing artist behind our newest rainbow Otomi-inspired print?



A quick bio:

After being born and raised in Connecticut, Jeanetta moved out to LA to attend UCLA (Rose's alma mater!)

After college her career moved from graphic design in corporate healthcare and banking, to entertainment advertising, and then to textile design and toys. In fact—she was once a Barbie Packaging Designer and was responsible for the branding and packaging for their African American American doll line in 2009 called "So in Style". Cool tidbit: Yara Shahidi was the child model on the back of the doll package—and Jeanetta helped cast and art-direct her in the shoot.

Now a freelance artist, Jeanetta creates textile designs, stationery designs, card designs, and illustrations for her clients. 

We found Jeanetta online after a deep dive of designers with colorful, watercolor-style pattern design portfolios. We loved Jeanetta's work—and that she was an LA local—and immediately knew her illustrations were a great fit for this project. After the design was finalized, we wanted to know more about this amazingly talented designer who made our pattern design dreams come true, so we did a fun little Q&A with her via email that you can check out here: 


MiliMili: Would you consider yourself an early riser or a night owl?

JG: Definitely a night owl. (MM: Us too! But Rose more so than Kels.) 

MM: Do you have a sleep routine and/or necessities that ensure a great night of sleep? 
JG: For me, to ensure I get a good night's sleep I have to wear my bite guard and socks. I can't sleep if my feet are cold.
MM: What is your most favorite color?
JG: This is a tough question because I have a few and the most favorite spot varies. Right now it is blush pink.
MM: What locations/countries (landscape, artwork, people, etc...) inspire your work the most?
JG: I love tropical and warm places. I find myself always drawing tropical plants and flowers and people in summer clothes. (MM: You KNOW we are in the same camp!) 
MM: What are you most proud of in your career?
JG: Recently I collaborated with a fashion designer, Eva Franco (@evafrancodesign), to design a sweatsuit collection that was based off my art piece "Justice". I created that piece during the protests earlier this year as a visual representation of unity and fight for racial justice. We created beautiful and comfortable clothes, that are like wearable art, that we hope inspires conversations and feelings of positive change when worn. (MM: It's amazing—go check it out and purchase it here!)
MM: How do you structure your work days to stay on task + productive?
JG: I use project management software to help organize my schedule and deadlines (Asana). It helps me a lot since I am a visual person and like to have things written out in list form and calendar form. I will also set time limits to the things I am working on if I have a lot to do so I don't spend too much time on one thing.
MM: What other designers / artists do you love to follow on Instagram/social?
(MM: And we are now following all these amazing artists too!) 


Thanks so much, Jeanetta, for letting us get to know you a bit better and for the AMAZING work you did on our newest print. We adore it and hope to collaborate again in the future! 






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