20 Questions with Rose Bridges

Rose Bridges, Co-Founder of MiliMili, 20 Questions

If you know her, you love her. She's that jane-of-all trades, artist / actress / crafter / welder / furniture builder / photographer / marketer (I could go on for a while - but you get the gist), other half of MiliMili.

Rose's handmade gift for Remy's first birthday is was what inspired our entire company and I'm SO excited she is taking over our Instagram stories tomorrow (April 30th) because, frankly, I'm SUPER CURIOUS how on earth she does it all every day. Does she not sleep? Is she using tons of performance enhancing drugs (i.e. coffee)??

But before she fills us in on her day to day – check out her answers to our 20 Questions:


  1.       What’s your favorite place in the entire world? 

Real hard choice between Kauai and Siena. 

  1.       What’s the best parenting advice you’ve ever received?

Modeling behaviors is more impactful than teaching them. And, kids don’t owe parents anything. 

Oliver and Lili

  1.       Do you have any pets?

Yes! Lili—a jindo. Before I knew that I was pregnant, I had the strong desire to adopt a dog. We were connected with the Dove Project and fell in love with Lili. 5 days after adopting her, I found out that I was pregnant. She is a Queen and I’m very grateful to be a member of her pack. 

  1.       What is something you’re grateful for today? 

Music—Oliver and I have been singing together lately and it brightens the most stressful moments. 

  1.       First thing you do in the morning?

We’re currently potty training Oliver—and we followed the advice of a friend to potty train at night too. We agreed that we liked the idea of being done with diapers all together. And because you don’t actually train a baby while they’re sleeping, the method is to wake them up throughout the night so that they don’t wet the bed. Since I’m a night owl and my partner is a morning person, we play to our strengths. We do the 10 pm together, then I wake up for the 12:30 am and 3:30 am bathroom breaks, and Dylan wakes up with Oliver at 6:30 am and plays with him until I’m up at 8. He’ll usually bring Oliver to cuddle with me to wake me up, we play “this little piggy” and giggle for a bit and then get up and start the day. I love listening to music (current favorite: Christine and the Queens) as a way to wake me up “on the right side of the bed.” I am definitely not a morning person, so every bit of good energy helps. 

  1.       What’s your biggest goal in life right now? 

I’d love for MiliMili to be a household name. But honestly, my biggest goal is probably to make it to September (when Oliver starts preschool) with some semblance of my sanity and getting some sleep. I have a long list of ideas and plans on the back burner. Everyone who has shared that they developed hobbies in quarantine? I’ll get that going on that once I’m working w/out baby and partner co-existing 24/7. Or maybe I’ll just take a lot of naps. 

Rose Oliver and Dylan

  1.       Last person you hugged?

Dylan and I take “support hugs” throughout the day as a way to connect when we’re passing ships. He usually pops my back when we hug. A nice reset. 

  1.       What did you want to be when you were a kid?

An actor in the company of a regional repertory theater or a marine biologist. 

  1.       What’s your claim to fame?

I’m pretty amped about this MiliMili romper. It’s an incredible feeling to see something that you created out of nothing being worn by someone you don’t know. Just wow, wow, wow. We may not be famous for it yet, but I think it’ll catch on. 

milimili women's sleep romper, designed by rose bridges

  1.   What are you saving money for right now?

Re-tiling our bathroom—although things keep popping up that get in the way. 

  1.   What’s your favorite brunch item?

Does a bloody mary count? I’m a big fan of fresh fruit for breakfast. Whatever I eat for brunch, there will be berries or fruit involved. 

  1.   Who has been the most influential person in your life?

My mom raised me building furniture and fantastic art projects alongside her. Her influence has shaped my self sufficient, can-do, let’s-give-it-a-try outlook. I’m always confident that I can figure something out because she gave me the tools to look at a problem in a myriad of ways. That, coupled with my dad’s infectious optimism… and I’m constantly looking for the next thing to tackle.  

Rose Bridges with her mom

  1.   What’s your biggest day-to-day challenge?

We haven’t had child care since lockdown began, save the occasional grandparent visit. Dylan and I talk through our schedules every night and morning and figure out which meetings we can each have Oliver vs. meetings that we’re leading or that include leaders. We both have full time marketing jobs, and, obviously, I also have MiliMili. We trade off engaging Oliver while typically in back-to-back meetings throughout the day, and then try to get heads down work done while he’s napping. It’s impossible—wanting to focus more on your child and wanting to get more work done… and alone time.. and time with your partner. There’s no balance possible, but I am proud of the way that we are getting through it. We check in with each other a lot during the day, send encouragement, and laugh at how terrible it all is. We try to be patient with each other and know that snippiness on our part and fussiness on Oliver’s part are just part of the day’s challenges and not directed energy. I can’t wait for Oliver to start school so that he can engage with kids his age—he’s really missing that—but we do try to infuse each day with a little magic and laughter, and I try to focus on the benefits of independent play. Dylan is incredibly helpful as I often work well into the night. He cooks dinner most every night because with juggling two full-time jobs, having to make one more decision about what we’re eating at the end of the day was a major stressor for me. We started doing a meal plan service that he’s been cooking and it’s been amazing.  

  1.   Have you ever given up on something?

I’ve definitely given up on pleasing everyone. That’s one gift of getting older and motherhood—you have less energy to put towards caring what other people think. But, in terms of life goals… I got my undergraduate degree in Set and Costume Design and a Masters in Acting. I always saw my life in the theater, but a gig-based all-hours lifestyle is hard to maintain. I still miss that life deeply, but I also think it bears mentioning that just because you aren’t actively doing something RIGHT NOW, doesn’t mean that it hasn’t woven its way into the fabric of your self. I use all of those skills daily, and my heart and soul is still a nomadic artist. I’d love to produce one of the plays I’ve adapted and had on the shelf for years, but not right now. Maybe that chance will come in the future, and the idea that I have in my head will morph into something even more beautiful...

  1.   What is your favorite way to spend a Saturday?

Reading, cuddled up on the couch—now, it looks a lot more like cuddling with Oliver while reading a well-worn children’s book—but still, getting lost in a novel is one of my favorite ways to pass the time. 

Rose Bridges and her best friends from grad school

  1.   How did you meet your best friends?

Grad School, work, travel. I’m so, so grateful for the people in my life who encourage me to explore and advocate for myself and others, for friends who always invite me to the table and make me feel welcome as I am, and who are with me as I adapt and grow.

  1.   Do you think you could live in another country?

I have, and definitely would again. Not everyone has the opportunity to travel or live abroad, but I strongly believe that, if possible, everyone should live in either New York City or a foreign country at some point in their lives. Both have a way of challenging your comfort zones, changing your perspectives, and deepening your respect for yourself and humanity. 

  1.   What gift have you received that you will always treasure?

Mrs. Luke, the mother of one of my dad’s friends, gave me a $50 bill for Chinese New Year one year. My time with her and the gift of the lucky red envelope struck a chord. Even though it was a lot of money to me at the time, I never spent it, and it’s still in the jewelry box in my bedroom. 

  1.   Night owl or morning person?

MAJOR insomniac, I need a good hour after I wake up in the morning before I’m pleasant company. 

  1.   Favorite music genre? 

Motown soul

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