text: it all started with a gift; image of kelsey and rose holding up large piece of fabric


Well, it all started with a one-year-old's birthday. And for that birthday, a crafty, jane-of-all-trades friend (meet: Rose) couldn't find a gift bold enough to match the bright style of the baby and her mama (meet: Kelsey, a former Interior Designer who throws one hell of a party). At a loss, Rose dusted off her sewing machine and decide to make a custom wearable blanket in a pink and teal flamingo print for Kelsey's tot.

Funny timing of it was—Kelsey had been looking for wearable baby blankets and baby goods that were, well, less sucky. She was tired sweet, precious, and overly gendered prints. She was tired of junky zippers and fabric that felt like it was chemically treated. She was looking for the perfect safe, breathable, quality wearable blankets and sheets that didn't make her child a sopping bucket of sweat during hot LA summer nights.


image of kelsey and daughter remy at her first birthday


The gift was awesome—although, full disclosure, not totally perfect (meet: evil, mom-hating snaps). But with that gift, a wonderful idea was born. With a quick snap-to-zipper swap, a whole lot of fabric research, and a few pattern tweaks, MILIMILI was born.

We're pretty obsessed with what we've come up with, and we continue to make improvements with each production. 

So, here we are—powered by a belief that you should be able to provide the best for your baby without sacrificing your sense of self. And that every color under the rainbow should be considered gender neutral. 

We also don't feel like you should have to sacrifice your soul to express your style. We're far from perfect, but rest assured everything we make is done with thought and purpose. We are always considering how to make our packaging more sustainable, always working to find the safest and softest fabrics for your little loves, constantly thinking of ways to waste less material, and provide a benefit to our community.

Have ideas on ways we can do things better? Let us know — we're all ears!

Stay tuned for updates on our progress @shopmilimili!





About Us photos by Jamie Brown Photography