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The Women's Sleep Romper


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  • okeo-tex bamboo jersey image
  • anti-microbial (wash it less)
  • regulates body temp
  • zips from top and bottom

Testimonials >>>

He loves his sleep sack so much, we've started calling nap time "MiliMili time"

I was nervous to transition him out of the Merlin but he loved this sleep sack! So soft and the perfect weight—super cozy, but not too hot!

Paolo gets excited every time we take out his MiliMili. The other day he was cranky from teething, but when we put on his sleep sack, he was all smiles. It soothed him!

“I recommend MiliMili sleep sacks to all my new-parent patients. Breathable, soft, and they have a super high quality zipper that never breaks and is easy to zip. My son wears his for every nap and night time and loves it!”

Dr. Daniel Bruckner, Balboa Pediatrics

This romper is legitimately the softest most comfortable cozy dreamy stretchy I-want-to-live-in-it outfit I have EVER. EVER. EVER. worn.

Julia, New York

"I wore the romper 3 nights in a row and my husband def judged me and told me I need to wash it.”

Bao, Los Angeles

Do I wear this romper all day and enjoy the silky smooth comfortable fabric for my awake hours or do I sleep in this ball of coziness all night? or both? Um I ended up wearing it all day and then slept in it last night.

Madeeha, Minneapolis

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