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  • The Benefits of a Sleep Routine

    It seems like every baby sleep book out there touts the benefits of a good sleep routine. Implement a consistent routine and you’ll help trigger to your little one that it’s time for bed.
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    Our roundup of the most gorgeous rugs for your bold and bright nursery
  • How to Help a Teething Babe

    If there was ever a blanket excuse for crappy baby sleep — teething has to be the #1 perp.
  • Add Us To Your Registry!

      Want to make sure you receive a MiliMili sleep sack or eye mask for when your little one arrives? Add us to your Amazon and BabyList registrie...
  • Why a Sleep Sack?

    For our family, the sleep sack holds a very important role. At 20 months, Remy uses it for every nap and every night - even though technically th...
  • Goal: Zero Waste

    We're committed to cutting down our waste, finding uses from all of our fabric scraps so that nothing ends up as landfill.
  • Skip the clothes: 10 Awesome Gifts for New Parents

    Cute as they are, your friend doesn't need more clothes for their baby. Here are 10 great gift ideas that are both useful, and stylin.