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What to Prep for the Babysitter

Have a babysitter coming over to free you up for a date night? 

Here are the steps we take to get ready for a seamless, worry free, night out. 


bulletin board with emergency contact card

1. Create an Emergency Contact list

This is the most important piece for your night out and your bare minimum of prep for your sitter. Your emergency contact sheet should include your and your partner's contact numbers, your doctor's name/number, the address for the closest hospital or urgent care, and a list of any allergies. 

(We designed our own handy magnets for this that also have space for notes and nap and bedtimes too! Want one? We'll ship you one for FREE if you sign up here for our email list. If you're already on our list shoot us a note and we'll send one your way!) 


2. Write out your little's schedule

If you have the magnet above, you can do it there. Or just create a separate note with any nap times, wake times, bedtimes and food schedules for your child. 


thaw prep and label milk for babysitter


2. Prep Milk / Bottles

If your little takes a bottle, make sure you've thawed and/or pre-portioned out the bottles they will need with instructions on how to prep them. Labeling each bottle with the meal time also will help your sitter stay on schedule for feedings. 

3. Set out any snacks/food they are allowed to have

Often I don't want to give my kids free reign of the snack cabinet and so much variety only makes it harder for them decide what they want to eat. So I'll set out a few pre-planned snacks on the counter so it's easier for my kids and the sitter to determine what's a viable food option for this particular babysitting experience. 

4. Prep an easy dinner for older kids and babysitter

This is usually pizza, burgers, or mac n cheese because I know my kids love those foods and it makes the babysitting night so much more fun when they get one of eat their faves. 


milimili banana sleep sack with rainbow tshirt, diapers and gray pants on rainbow blanket

5. Set out the right warmth PJs + sleep sack near their crib/bed

Don't assume your babysitter knows that on a hot night your little needs to just wear a tshirt and a lightweight sleep sack. Lay out exactly what they will wear that night to ensure they don't overheat or run too cold while you're away. 

6. Set out their favorite books 

We are a house of avid readers, so our kid's bookshelves and baskets are overflowing with books. And the kids definitely have their favorites. Make it easier on your sitter so they don't have to hear 'not dat one' over and over - and layout your little one's faves. 

7. Go have fun and enjoy your temporary freedom! 


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