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5 Home Decor Trends PERFECT for Your Modern Nursery

 Being cooped up inside all month(s) long has me dreaming about some home decorating projects.
After pouring through Pinterest, House Beautiful, Elle Decor, and the #worldofinteriors hashtag on Instagram, I came up with a list of some of my favorite interior design trends for 2020 that would be UHMAZING in a nursery.
fiber art: colorful woven wall hangings by Judit Just
How freakin' awesome are these fiber art pieces from Judit Just?! And the perfect art to hang over a crib or changing table to add a little texture and tons of fun to your baby's room.
Admittedly, I have a black thumb. 
I kill all plants, inside or out.
But this Caladium White Queen (via @plantasic_mr_fox) makes me want to try my hand at indoor plants again. It's so uniquely pretty -  and a refreshing change from all the fiddle leaf fig of the last five years. It would be the perfect textural accent on a tall bookshelf (where it can be admired from afar, out of the reach of little meddling hands.) 
Christina Juarez at her colorful lilac room in her new york home, as featured in Elle Decor
Pattern on pattern on pattern can be VERY difficult to execute well, but when it IS done well - oh man it looks so dang good.
Case in point - this amazing lilac room at the home of Christina Juarez, featured in Elle Decor. Patterned wall paper, patterned pillows, patterned couch, bold art. Love everything about it - so much so that it was the inspiration for Remy's room! 
Lacuqered Walls: Image of pink lacquered dining room with pink velvet banquette from Talyea Fowler's home in Atlanta
The more sheen on the paint - the easier it is to clean. So if you have littles, I HIGHLY recommend shying away from flat paint. You'll be cleaning it, and repainting it, constantly. Which is one of the reasons why a lacquered wall is so appealing to me in a nursery setting. It's bold, its modern, and its easy to wipe clean. Win, win, win.
(Photo via Veranda article on Talyea Fowler's GORGEOUS Atlanta home) 
Master Bedroom with Wallpapered ceiling by Bari J Designs
This room from Bari J Designs is amazing. Imagine having a nursery where your little could look up in the morning and stare at something so dang beautiful (and far safer than a mobile, that may cause them to try to climb up their crib.) You could go as simple as a coat of colorful paint for a little vertical surprise, or as bold as this room - with impactful and colorful wallpaper covering the ceiling. I would LOVE to cover Remy's ceiling in a cool wallpaper like this.
Soooooo, has quarantine got you fantasizing new house projects too? And if so - what home decor trends are you itching to try out in your own home? 

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