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How to Help a Teething Babe

milimili snuggle teether in kauai one print with yellow silicone ring


If there was ever a blanket excuse for crappy baby sleep — teething has to be the #1 perp.

Baby wakes early? Must be teething.

Baby screams for an hour at night? Maybe its molars?!! 

Baby is being a total crabby butt-head? Gotta be those pearly whites coming through. 

It's not always the real reason, but it's definitely a convenient scapegoat. 


For Remy, we've learned she's actually teething when she is: 

a. drooling a ton
b. has some gross poops as a result
c. (this is the obvious one) rubs her teeth constantly 
d. fussier than normal, with more night wakes


If it's really bad and we notice it before bed, I might give her a little baby Tylenol before she goes to sleep. But the best solutions we've found have been good teethers, extra snuggles, and patience. 

When Remy was little she preferred chewing on fabric to soothe her aching gums—often, the edge of her sleep sack. Now that she's older she likes gnawing on the silicone ones (while growling and pretending she is our dog, Wagner). And because Remy is THE most snuggly of children (girl will snuggle anything the least-bit soft, including the soft side of velcro), a rabbit-ear style teether, like our Snuggle Teether, helps both her gums and her need for comfort during trying teething times.  







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