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We have some yardage of our Guava Sunset fabric left and thought it would make the perfect Valentine's Day print. But we can't decide if we want to make something for baby, or something for the ladies.
sleep sack and robe in pink purple and orange print
On one hand - we have a waitlist of folks already signed up to nab a Guava Sunset sleep sack when they become available again. 
Or the other, we think this fabric would make a totally gorgeous robe (and how perfect for new mamas in the hospital with their little ones?!) 
So we figured we'd leave it up to you - help us choose by commenting with which product you'd definitely purchase! Whichever product is leading tomorrow morning will get the green-light and we will start producing them for valentine's day sales ASAP!


  • Do matching for mom and baby. Like both

    Tanya Pownall
  • This print is gorgeous! I would wear this robe all the time.

    Kristin Sexstone
  • Babies!

  • Ladies!!

    Jamie Brown
  • Robe for mama!!

    Marnie Noel

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