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The BEST Mother's Day Quiche Recipe

Something about quarantine has me really ramping up my at-home brunch game (possibly fancy breakfast food is just an excuse to drink mimosas...). This one was so easy and seriously delicious, and such a great way to spoil the mama in your life this Mother's Day.


blt quiche with word "yum"

BLT Quiche

(with Optional Hashbrown Crust and Dairy Free/Gluten Free substitutions)



* One frozen pie crust (Because Remy is Celiac, I use a Gluten Free crust from Bristol Farms)


* 3 Cups Frozen Hash Browns, thawed and smooshed down  with a papertowel to remove as much water as possible. (Yes, smooshed is the technical term...)  

* 4 TBLS Butter, melted (or dairy free alternative, I use Earth's Best)



* 8 Eggs

* 1 Cup Milk (I use Almond Milk but really any milk will do)

* 2 Cups Spinach, Chopped

* 6 Strips Bacon, Cooked Crispy & Crumbled

* 1/4 C. Red Onion, diced

* 1 C. Halved Grape or Cherry Tomatoes

* 1/2 TSP Salt

* 1/2 TSP Pepper

* Handful of Chopped Cilantro



* Preheat Oven (375*F for regular crust, 450* for hashbrown crust.) 

* Prep your pie crust. 

- If you went the frozen crust route, cook it for 15 minutes or so until the crust is set but before it gets golden. 

- If you went for hashbrown crust: mix your hashbrowns with the butter and then pat into the pie tin base and up sides of dish to create a pie shape. Bake at 450*F for 30 min (or until golden brown all around) . 

Next, put in the solid ingredients (spinach, onion, tomatoes, bacon) into your quiche crust. 

In a separate bowl, whisk your eggs, milk, salt and pepper. Pour this mix over the solid ingredients into the pie crust. 

Place quiche on a baking sheet and bake at 350*F for 40-50 minutes. When you pull it out the center should not quite be set, allow it to sit and cool on the counter another 10-15 minutes and the center should be set when it's done. 

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