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Why a Sleep Sack?

watercolor image of kauai one sleep sack

For our family, the sleep sack holds a very important role. At 20 months, Remy uses it for every nap and every night - even though technically the AAP says she'd be fine using a regular blanket. Why have we stuck with it so long? 

At the beginning - it was for safety purposes: it kept Remy warm (and safe) at night, without worry of blanket suffocation or strangulation (yes, that is sadly a very real risk).
But it also provides so much more.
  • It provides her comfort - as she pulls it up close to her face and smells and snuggles it each night. (A reason why we keep using it, even in hot climates). 
  • It stays on her, even when she rolls back and forth through her crib at night, and keeps her cozy. (She can't keep a blanket on her body for the life of her.)
  • It's part of her sleep routine and signals bed time for her (which is an awesome trick when you're flying or on the go and need to force a nap, just pop that sleep sack on and bam! - her eyelids start to droop.)
  • And most importantly at this age: it keeps her in her crib. 
I cannot tell you how many friends had a kid who became expertly mobile and decided they wanted to shirk the confines of their crib and roam the home. So they decided 'it's time for a toddler bed'. And then they dealt with a babe who was constantly trying to now escape not the crib, but their room!
A wearable blanket keeps Remy in her crib at night (she has yet to figure out she can unzip it, but if your kid is on the genius track- just put the sack on inside out or backwards and you should be set.)
(Note: if Remy escaped her room to cuddle me, and slept at night like a deadbody, like I do, I'd welcome her with open arms out of that crib. Unfortunately this is not the case. She sleeps like a frickin ninja and kicks and moves around constantly, resulting a terrible night of sleep for both of us. In short - she is not a good bed sharer, and thus she shall remain in her crib until she is a teenager. JK... Kinda...)
Long live the sleep sack! 
Want to reap the same benefits and have your child happily & safely sleeping in their crib? Get your hands on our gorgeous and crazily soft sack now! (there is a joke in there somewhere...) 

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