A Day in the Life: Kick-Off with Kelsey Searles


kelsey searles - cofounder of the colorful sleep sack company - MiliMili - with her two kids

Hi all!! Kelsey here.

We are starting a new Day in the Life series here on the blog and on our Instagram stories!

Each week, we'll be introducing you to parents from all walks of life and from all parts of the country.  Entrepreneurs, stay at home parents, single parents, grandparents—you name it. Parents who have great advice, and some who'd love YOUR advice.

These awesome individuals will be giving you a glimpse at what their days are like—how they handle childcare during Covid, how they get things done, what's been tough for them, and what wins they've had over the past year.

Our goal in this series is to help us all connect with each other, better understand and support each other's struggles, and learn from each other's successes. We can't wait to introduce you to some really awesome grownups and brands!

I'll be kicking off this series tomorrow and checking in throughout the day on Instagram + Facebook stories to give you a glimpse at my morning routine, bring you with me on my factory visit, and talk about how I balance work + parenting (spoiler alert: I don't do it well). 

But first, some fun

20 questions with kelsey searles

1. What’s your favorite place in the entire world? 

Home on the sofa with Mike (my husband) and the kids. But if we're talking travel, I dream of going back to Railay Beach in Thailand. 

2. What’s the best parenting advice you’ve ever received? 

Have a set bedtime for your kids. Kids love consistency, and you need reliable time to yourself every night. (Without a bedtime I'd get very little done every day as I typically work another few hours each night after they go to bed!)

3. Do you have any pets? 

Yep! A 10-year-old rescue dog named Wagner.

4. What is something you are grateful for today?  

Our new nanny who started this week. 

5. First thing you do in the morning? 

Check my phone and reply to urgent emails and DMs, then grab some coffee before the little ones wake.

6. What is your biggest goal right now? 

Get MiliMili to the point I can leave my day job. (Yep, both Rose and I have full time day-jobs.)

7. Last person you hugged? 

Remy, after she got back from school.

8. What did you want to be when you were a kid? 

First female president of the US.

9. What is your claim to fame? 

Mike and I won Supermarket Sweep last year!

10. What are you saving money for right now? 


11. What’s your favorite brunch item? 

Eggs Benedict and a giant mimosa.

12. Who has been the most influential person in your life?

My mom. She is also an entrepreneur and because of her I've never felt like my gender was a limiting factor.

13. What’s your biggest day-to-day challenge? 

Having time for myself.

14. When have you given up on something?

I am someone who typically sticks through things until the bitter end, even when they no longer bring me joy. However I did once run a semi-successful blog with a friend (FinerThingsLA) that focused on Bottomless Mimosa brunches. I sadly had to quit that when I got pregnant with Remy (can't really product test when you're pregnant...)

15. What is your favorite way to spend a Saturday? 

Having friends over for lunch + hang in the back yard.

16. How did you meet your best friends? 

In middle school and college :)

17. Do you think you could live in another country? 

I could—and there is something dreamy about the idea of living somewhere with beautiful old architecture and history, but maybe just for a summer rather than forever. I do love the West Coast and being within a few hours of family and our close friends.

18. What gift have you received that you will always treasure? 

A bracelet my sister had made for me after my dad passed, with a note from him etched into it in his handwriting.

19. Night owl or morning person? 

Both. Though I wouldn't say I'm an EARLY morning person. I stay up late, and then get up around 6:30 ready to tackle the day. 

20. Favorite music genre? 

90s R&B (I love you BoyzIIMen....)  

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